James R. Cash Auction & Real Estate of Fancy Farm, Kentucky is owned and operated by James R. and Cindy Cash.  Cash Auctions conducts business in a 350-mile radius that includes Kentucky, Southern Illinois, Southeast Missouri, Indiana, Middle and West Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina.

James R. Cash Auction & Real Estate specializes in the sale of agricultural farm land and farm machinery as well as residential and commercial real estate. With a team of experienced professionals, James R Cash, The Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker, has been conducting successful auctions for more than 40 years.

Our 2nd Generation of Exceptional Service
James R. Cash II “Jay” and daughter-in-law Lisa Cash, leading us Auction Style from our Murfreesboro, Tennessee office.  Jay is an award winning auctioneer and has been in the family auction business his entire life.

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Cindy Cash