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Jay Cash earns top award at 2018 National Auctioneers Association International Auctioneer Championship

Jay Cash the auctioneer proved his top-flight auction talent recently by finishing third among 62 male competitors at the 2018 National Auctioneers Association International Auctioneer Championship, which annually showcases some of the best auctioneers in the world.

Cash earned the right compete in the contest last December when he was named the 2018 Tennessee Auctioneers Association Bid Calling Champion. This was his first year competing at the national level.

“Making it to the NAA IAC Finals is a tremendous accomplishment and finishing in the top 3 is remarkable!” said Justin Ochs, one of only two Tennessee auctioneers to have ever won the contest. Officially, Cash finished the contest as 2ndRunner Up.

Joining nearly 80 fellow male and female auction professionals from across the world on Friday, July 20, in Jacksonville, Florida, at the 69th International Auctioneers Conference and Show, Cash vied for the right to be called NAA IAC Men’s Division Champion. The male and female winners of this competition are regarded by the auction industry as being one of the world’s best in the profession.

IAC competitors are judged on their presentation, chant, voice timbre, body language, and other performance elements of effective auctioneering. Finals participants are also judged on their answers of interview questions. The revered competition was held in a single day, in front of approximately 1,100 live attendees, with tens of thousands of observers catching part of the NAA IAC Live! webcast through Facebook and YouTube.

“There’s no competition in the auction industry like NAA IAC,” Cash said. “I learned so much from competing with my peers, and I can’t wait to bring that experience back for my clients. This will help me provide an even more enhanced auction experience for buyers and sellers in the area.”

Cash is a second-generation auctioneer and has spent his entire life in the auction profession. Licensed in nine states Jay conducts Real Estate and Estate Settlement Auctions, as well as Fundraising and Benefit Auctions across the country.