Benefit Auctions


Jay Cash, Principal Benefit Auctioneer, conducts fundraising auctions across the United States. We have solutions in place to assist you and your committee in running an efficient and profitable events!

Jay has a clear rhythmic and entertaining chant (bid calling) that is just the right speed and always understandable. We offer multiple pricing options that are certain to fit into your budget!

Your event is one of the most important nights of the year for your organization and we understand the amount of time and work that goes into planning.

As Professional Charity Auctioneers, We know how to keep audiences engaged, and how to get every dollar possible!




Hiring a professional auctioneer WILL make you more money! From California to
Tennessee we have put our talents to work for charities and non-profits and we
want to work for you!

From the time we take the stage until the last item is sold, we want you to be
assured that you are in capable hands of raising the funds needed and that you
will be represented in a manner that you can be proud of. We are more than just
the auctioneers who show up before the event, we are YOUR fundraising partner
and will spend as many hours as it takes to break all fundraising records!



No matter your event’s size – all benefit auction services include unlimited
consultation with auction chair via phone and email. Advance packages include:
two in-person meetings and consults with committee and chairperson.

This is when we will discuss the following topics:
• Choosing the best venue and timing of your event
• Best practices for a successful live auction
• 65 ways to prepare your buyers to give!
• 12 ideas to energize, engage and connect with the entire audience!
• Additional revenue generators
• Fundraising & goal setting
• Donation committee kick off event; How To Painlessly Ask For The Best Donations
• One on one with auction committee, prepping the bidders



• Top 100 live auctions items to include in your auction.
• Best selling items at benefit auctions
• Solicitation of income generating items, packages, trips, food/wine, pampering & sports events
• Utilizing revenue generators – entertaining ways to make more money at your event!



• Event promotion
• Professional signage
• Templates for professional bid cards
• Free benefit auction bid card templates
• Free silent auction bid sheet templates
• Silent auction sheets
• Catalog & program design
• PowerPoint slides and display of items
• Wireless clerking & cashiering powered by Auction Flex


In order to give the best proposal it is best we spend a few minutes on the phone so we can learn more about your event and organization.

Once we know your vision, we will prepare a customized proposal for you and your committee to review!

Our Pricing Is All Inclusive, but we have multiple pricing options to accommodate any budget.

Learn modern fundraising secrets!

Profit from our experience!

As partners you can be assured that you will save time and overcome obstacles
and criticism that is common with fundraising and benefit events.

46 Events in 2018 Across 13 States

Our proven formulas have been event tested!  You will get results!

Create a Donor Experience That Will Last A Lifetime with Jay Cash & James R. Cash Benefit Auctions

Multiple Pricing Options Available for Charity, Benefit and Gala Event Auctions


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